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The Pod is an inspirational workshop with the objective
of finding
a long-term vision that lays the foundation for
your business in the age of transparency.


Learn about our roadmap and point system and get inspired by ethical and sustainable solutions in today's economy. Develop a holistic view of your business and its internal and external impact.


Case studies will illustrate the most important aspects of
ethical marketing and design. Practical exercises will help
you to identify how the values of a brand can serve the
common good and how they can be the business opportunity
of the future.

This is the future: Think companies are transparent–Think digital solutions–Think communication and collaboration–Think we all work towards the common good. Our workshop sets the scene of a future state, which is following the principles of the common good economy. We take you on a journey from the origins of ethical marketing and communications to a future where sustainable and ethical business is the norm.


This workshop aims to discuss essential questions regarding digital technology and business ethics. How will marketing and communication change when it is designed for the common good? How does the impact of digital technology and increasing customer feedback through social media affect the products we consume? Are corporations here to maximise profits and grow, or to help society, or both? How can digital solutions help to achieve a better economic business environment that works for all? Additionally, participants will be encouraged to also critically think about new digital solutions that serve the common good. 

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