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Designing the future at the European Commission London

On 14 December 2015, ADERGRÜN attended an event at Europe House in Westminster, London. The event “Think Ocean Series III: What Are The Necessary Milestones To Co-Create A New Economy?” was organised by The Global Hub for the Common Good.

The event’s program had already started in Santiago de Chile and had its finale in London. The London event kicked off with key speakers from current common good action. We listened to: Jules Peck from The Real Economy Lab , Jim Prouty of Global Alliance for Banking on Values and SFRE, Caroline MacFarland of CoVi and Peter Holbrook from Social Entreprise UK. They all shared their vision and ideas of positive change, according to their sectors of expertise: banking, economic literacy/think tank and social enterprise.

The key speakers were followed by a presentation of the Global Hub for the Common Good’s director Diego Isabel La Moneda. The organisation’s vision of the common good is based on universal values such as social justice, human dignity and ecological sustainability. The message was that we all as individuals need to co-create a systematic change and that a collective common good is established through sharing, cooperation and democratisation of both economy and politics. In this context they are inviting everyone to participate in the process to define what future we want for us and for all next generations. If we all work on this together we can create a basis for political action and proposals.

The next exercise was to imagine a new economic system for 2025. We were invited to discuss this in groups and agree on a roadmap on the following topics: companies, banking, politics, media, civil society and education. We all came up with many ideas which one representative of each group presented to the rest of the attendees.

ADERGRÜN enjoyed this event as a source of inspiration and meeting like minded practicing professionals. We will be in touch with the Global Hub for the Common Good and enjoy the progress of taking part in driving positive change.


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