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for the
common good.





At ADERGRÜN we believe that sustainable and ethical business solutions are the exciting growth opportunities of the future. As we are running out of natural resources, governments and businesses have acknowledged the need for change. Customers are demanding more responsible business practices and honest answers to their questions.

Digital technology and social media have changed the way we interact and communicate with organisations. Companies have become much more transparent and they need to have a truthful attitude to grow in stature and performance.



At the same time public opinion has become wary of superficial tactics such as "greenwashing", which do not achieve real-time change but only improve green credentials on the surface. Green marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are not enough, we need all encompassing business solutions which aim to be long-term and sustainable.








We aim to create business solutions that serve the common good. By having an holistic view of the whole communications process from suppliers to shareholders, employees to customers and everybody that is influenced by an organisation's

growth, we will unlock new potential in
your company. 


Our analytical approach starts at the roots of your business by using our Holistic Business Value Matrix and Point System. 
Inspirational tools such as 
our workshop 
The Pod help to 
identify long term brand values which encourage brand communities and dialogue instead of top down communications.

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